AIOU Solved Assignments 2020

Compulsory English–I (386)

Level: Intermediate

Semester, Autumn 2019

Passing Marks (Assignment 1): 40

Assignment No. 1

(Unit 1-5)

Q.1 You have read in Unit 1, how to make time schedules. Given below in the time schedule of a businessman. Write a complete description of his daily activities using the information given in the table. Follow the example.

Example: The businessman sleeps from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

Example 12:00 pm to 05:30 am Sleep

i. 05:30 am to 06:30 am Breakfast, Prays, Arrange briefcase

ii. 06:30 am to 07:30 am Drop children to school, Drive to office

iii. 07:30 am to 11:30 am Meeting with boss, Tea Break

iv. 11:30 am to 02:30 pm Office work, Lunch

v. 02:30 pm to 05:00 pm Pick children, Drive home, Have rest


The business man sleeps from 12:00 pm to 5:30 am. He is very busy person and always tries to get good sleep for ready to next workings. He gets up 5:30 am and says his prayers. Then he arranges his briefcase according day routine and then 6:10 am he takes his breakfast. Because he has to drop his children to school so he leaves 6:30 am for children school and drop them in time. The he drives to his office. He reaches his office sharp 7:30 am and start his work. He attend meeting with his boss. It was a long session which continued till tea break. At 11:30 am they take tea. After tea he remains busy again in office work till lunch break. He takes his lunch on 2:00 pm and leaves office for pick up his children, at 2:30 pm he is on school gate. He picks children and drive toward home. They reach home on 3 of clock. Hechanges his cloths and has rest till 5:00 pm.


Q.2 In Unit 2, Section A you are taught how to introduce yourself. Now imagine there is a vacant post of a salesman in your company and you want to refer your friend to your boss as a suitable candidate for the post. How would you do that keeping in mind his qualities relevant to the job you want him to have?


I want to refer my friend for the vacant post of salesman in my company. I am working here from last four year and well awarded from its working style and techniques. He is just perfect for this post. His name is Assad and he is 24 years old. He is B.B.A (Marketing) from PU. He is well mannered, well dressed and good looking. He knows very well how to convey company’s message to customer. He is polite and soft spoken but knows the speaking power and ups and downs of conversation. His speech captured the listener and his behaviors impress the customer. He has keen observation on our company’s products and can explain their merits in front of mass. He has good grip at English, phrases and quotation. He will prove good addition in our staff.


Q.3 In Unit 2, Section B we talked about different types of readings for different purposes. Can you list five types (each) of reading material that you might have read for the following mentioned purposes? Follow the example .

Purpose: For Direction For History For Pleasure

Examples: Booklet A Biography A Magazine


Purpose: For Direction For History For Pleasure

Examples: Booklet, a Biography, a Magazine

Performa, Historical books, Novels

Instructions, Travel stories, Stories

Notice, News sources, Dramas

Reviews, Memories, Literary books


Q.4 In Unit 3, Section A, we talked about how to make requests and grant permission. We also discussed two forms of requests. i.e requests. As orders and polite indirect requests. Can you change the following direct requests into indirect requests?

Example: Direct request: Do the dishes after dinner.

Indirect request: Could you please do the dishes after dinner.

i. Pick my child.

ii. Drop him to the bus station.

iii. Can you teacher her Phonetics?

iv. Juice please.

v. Lend him your car please.


i. Please will you pick my child?

ii. Do you mind if you drop him to bus station.

iii. Would it be possible for you to teach her phonetics?

iv. Don’t mind can you give me juice please.

v. Could you lend him your car please.


Q.5 You have read in Unit 3, Section B how to guess the meanings of words from the text. Read the following statements and gives the meanings of the words in bold. Also write the dictionary meanings of these words.

i. Recently, with exports and sales decreasing, their economic outlook has noticeably deteriorated.

ii. He was expelled from school for playing truancy.

iii. When the defendant put his feet up on the table. The judge scolded him for his effrontery.

iv. The abatement of her headache filled Hira with a sense of relief.

v. you make more friends being nice than you do by being belligerent.


# Word                Meaning           Urdu Meaning

1 Deteriorated    Decreased       Kharab Hona

2 Truancy             Wrong act           Galt Kam

3 Effrontery        Bad manner      Galt Rawaiya

4 Abatement        End                    Khatam hona

5 Belligerent          Show of              Jaali Akss


Q.6 You have learnt in Unit 4 (Section A) how to describe people. Look at the people in the following photos. Describe each one of them in at least 3 sentences.


1. He looks young man of almost 30. He is tall, fair and handsome. His short eyes, unshaved complexion made him attractive.

2. This man is middle aged with average height. His smile told us about his well nature. He is balled with little bear.

3. This girls is active, pretty and little bit clever. Her short eyes and fair complexion made her attractive for others. Her dark and straight hair looks beautiful.

4. This person is structured with medium height and fluffy body. His face looks decent with short hair and big bear. His big smile told that he is fun loving guy.

5. This curly hair, fair complexion girls looks naughty. Her big eyes and million dollar smile made her attractive. She is slim, trim and beautiful.


Q.7 Punctuation marks are very much important in English language, as you have read in Unit 4, Section C. Punctuation the following Statement.

i. My mother in law’s rants made me furious

ii. Her son Ali was born on Dec 6 2008

iii. He was planning to study four Subjects politics philosophy sociology and economics

iv. Don’t go outside, she said

v. She began to count “one, two, three, four….” Until she got to 10 then went to find him.


i. My mother-in-law’s rants made me furious.

ii. Her son “Ali” was born on December, 6, 2008.

iii. He was planning to study four subjects: politics, philosophy, sociology andeconomics.

iv. “Don’t go outside”, she said.

v. She began to count, “One, two, three, and four…..”, until she got to ten, then went to find him.


Q.8 Unit 5, Section B teaches you how to do skimming. Read the following passage carefully, skim if and write the gist of the text in your own words.

One fascinating fact about rocky shore species is that they are distributed to bands or zones on the shore and as such, show very simple and easily under stable patterns of distribution. Studies of patterns of distribution to relatively simple habitats have been very helpful in finding out the sorts of factors controlling why animals and plants live where they do. When ail spite have affected rocky beaches, knowledge of the biology and ecology of the species living there has proved useful in understanding how to best manage the spillage. Because people have been interested in these fascinating animals for a long time, they are also now useful for scientists looking for climate changes effects. A long set of data collection started in the 1950s exists about barnacle distribution around British shore, and these are now being looked at again and compared with present day pattern.

There are many indications in the data that warming is taking place, for example the warm water species chthamalus montagui is found in more places to Scotland than it used to be. The favoring of Chthamalus by the warmer seas has released it from competition with Semibalanus, which is therefore suffering. These studies show that, no matter how sophisticated our instrumentation gets, living things are still often the most sensitive way of finding out what is going on in the environment.


In this paragraph the author tells us about research started on the sea shores of Britain. He told that whole shore specious has divided in different zones or bands, but with very simple method. The pattern of distribution is so simple which help us to study animals and plants. Oil spilled branches, chthamlus, Montague and many more. He says no matter how sophisticated we are but only living beings tells us what is going on in nature.

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