Aiou 1423 Solved assignment 1 Spring 2020

Question No # 1

Q.1: Suppose you are curious to learn about the child hood life period of your parents-Write ten questions which you will ask them to make them recall their child hood memories.

Had you so many friends in your childhood?

Had you used to play every day with your friends?
Which kind of food did you like to eat in childhood?

Did you have bicycle?

Which type of and games were you used to play?

Did you have good relationship with your siblings in childhood?

Whose you were loved most mother or father?

Did you listen fairy tales to your grandmothers?

Question NO # 2

Q.2: How would you express one fact and one opinion about each of the following?


1.Clothes:-are used to safe the body from hot and cold.

2.Festivals:- were celebrated in every where the world according to their traditions.

3. Beverages:- A liquid to consume, usually excluding water; a drink,This may include tea, coffee,liquor, beer, milk, juice, or soft drinks.

4. Music:- Music is food of the soul.

5. Poetry:- In past times many saints Poetry used poetry for preaching Islam.


  1. cloths:- I like western cloths
  2. Festivals:- are source of memorization of the culture and civilization of the place.
  3. Beverages:- Excess use of beverages is harmful to health such as black tea.
  4. Music:- According to some People Music is Just waste of time.
  5. .Poetry:- Poetry Is for old peoples.

Question No # 3

Write the tag question to the following situations?

1.It is very hot and humid today

2. She does not practice mathematics longer.

3.You are found of classical poetry

4.She will participate in a workshop next week

5.The rate of illiteracy is decreasing gradually.

6.IT am not very enthusiastic.

7.We must keep our environment clean and green.

8.They are not striving hard to accomplish the task.

9.He will not act upon my advice.

10.She would handle this situation skillfully.


  1. It is very hot and humid today, isn’ it?
  2. She does not practice mathematics longer, does she?
  3. You are found of classical poetry, arent’ you?
  4. She will participate in a workshop next week wouldn’t’ she?
  5. The rate of illiteracy is decreasing gradually.
  6. I am not very enthusiastic, am I?
  7. We must keep our environment clean and green, are we?
  8. They are not striving hard to accomplish the task, are they?
  9. He will not act upon my advice, will he?.
  10. She would handle this situation skillfully, wouldn’t she?

Question No # 4

Write an informal letter to one of your cousin and congratulate her /him on getting employment in public sector.Also suggest her /him the ways through which she /he can serve the country and the nation in the best possible manner .

Dear Zainab

First of all I hope you and your family members are fine and healthy. I heard information
that you have achieved top position in the CSS exam. When I heard this information I was so
happy for you. It was great news and me and my family members heartily congrats you and
bless you for this achievement/Success. | Hope you get success in your future in this way only.
I also heard that you join health department .Now you can become CSS Officer and serve the

I know you are a country lover person. Just do your duties faithfully towards your country and religion .Always do right thing in your job. Avoid favoritism. Treat all people equally. Beware of corrupt and clever persons. Avoid earn money in wrong ways.May Allah Guide to Toward right Path.

Hope to see You soon.

You’re truly


Question No # 5

The following instances contain some highlighted words, guess the meaning of these words and use them in sentences of your own.

1.Mere : Basic:- hey are mere words which tend to obscure a very simple issue

2. Anarchy: a state of disorder: Afghanistan was in a state of anarchy.

3. Dismay : worried:- To my dismay, I did not get chosen for the job

4. Pack Hunt : Social Predator :- Wolves tend to hunt in packs.

5. outcast: someone excluded from group:- This girl is an outcast.

6. Calm Water: without movement water:- The world is so deep and dull under the calm water surface

7. Skillful :ability to do something :- i am very skillful when it comes to online marketing.

8. Scolded: Angrily :- Don’t scold your children in front of someone.

Question No # 6

Express your agreement as well as disagreement on the following?

  1. The government should privatize PIA.

Agreement: Yes it is good because it is not in good situation now.

Disagreement: No, Not at all PIA has our national institution.

  1. The greatest obstacle of economic instability is over population.

Agreement: Yes it is true.

Disagreement: No economic instability is due to wrong economic policies of government.

3. Co-education system should be banned at all levels.

Agreement: it is good if this is done because it is prohibited in Islam .

Disagreement: Coeducation must be used because it saves time and man power also to teach both girls and boys in same class.

4. A man is architect of his own fate.

Agreement: Agreed.
Disagreement: No. It is not true god has a power to architect of fate.

5.Democracy is better than dictator ship.

Agreement: Due to high benefits of democracy it is proved that reality.

Disagreement: No dictatorship is better as compare to democracy.

Question No # 7

Look at the pictures of books and make 5 predictions about the contents of each of the 2 books.

Book: sudden death and how to avoid it:

It may be about to guide us about the causes of sudden deaths in daily life.

It may provide us about the information of the management of sudden life risks situations.

It may tell us how to save lives in emergency.

It may also guide us about the preventive measures from automobiles accidents.

It may seem very informative book containing the information about emergencies.

This Tender Land:

It may be-about the picnic on some place.

Holidays in hilly areas.

It may shows how the magnificent American landscape.Beautiful mountains, rivers.

It may be about some family get together.

It may About where To spend Holidays.

Question No # 8

Write a detailed essay on the menace of drugs and also give some measures to save our youth from this d shows how the magnificent American landscape connects us all, haunts our dreams, and makes us whole.

Drug addiction has become a worldwide problem, especially in teenagers. Many young people become dependent on different types substances and stimulating medicines that comes hand-in-hand with narcotic effect. The life of addicts becomes spoiled in all aspects, as they lose contact with their family and live in a different world. They spend lots of money on drugs, and then look for ways to earn money illegally. If we compare the health problems, there are many dangerous effects of drugs.

Drugs addiction is harmful not only for the addicted but also has negative impact on the fabric of the society. The effects of such an addiction can cause dangerous changes in the mind, body and spirit of the drug addict. The most disturbing aspect of drug addiction is that it is reaching epidemic proportions in the whole world. People in our part of the world are increasingly becoming addicted to all kinds of drugs including street drugs and prescription drugs etc.

Street drugs include cocaine, heroin and crack, marijuana and meth, while prescription drugs include those such as Valium, OxyContin, Percocet and Ritalin etc. The price of drugs can be very heavy. Simple ill-effects of such addiction include physical itchiness, coma and even premature death. On the other hand, the psychological ill effects can make a person completely dependent on taking drugs in order to survive.

Drugs addiction is a very serious problem and even if the addict is using prescribed drugs, the ill effects can be very harmful indeed. It is, therefore, important that the government takes administrative, legal and policy measures that put an end to the menace of drug addiction. The right kind of information can help the addict avoid overdosing and it can also prevent medical-related complications.

The ill effects of addiction to drugs can be very difficult to endure, which is why the addict must be treated for their condition at the earliest. A lot of research is being done on how addiction to drugs harms people and societies. An individual that takes drugs will expect certain changes to take place in his being.

In the US, addiction to drugs is quite widespread. One study on this problem revealed that one in every five American aged between sixteen and fifty nine had used at least one drug. What’s more is that about half (46 percent) of Americans, aged between 16 and 21, admitted having used drugs in different phases of their life. Even more worrying is the fact that approximately twenty million people, aged above twelve years, have used illegal drugs in the US. In fact, about 1.47 percent of Americans are addicted to drugs.

North America, which includes US and Canada and even Mexico, has a major drugs addiction problem. The problem is no less dangerous in Central America where countries such as Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua are major centres for drug abuse.

Drugs addiction in Pakistan is no less worrisome. Though its neighbours (India, Bangladesh and Maldives as well as Nepal) all have drugs addiction issues, Pakistan is the worst affected throughout South Asia. It is, after all, home to the largest market for heroin consumption. What’s more, Pakistan is also a major exporter of heroin and, in fact, approximately fifty tons of opium is illegally brought into Pakistan to produce heroin.

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and even Sri Lanka all have major issues with use of drugs. Afghanistan, for example, has about 28,513,677 drug addicts, while Bangladesh has 141, 340, 476 addicts. India has a staggering 1,065, 070,607 drug users, while Pakistan has 159, 196, 336 addicts.

The worst thing about being addicted to drugs is that it is affecting the youth in every part of the world in a major way. The trouble starts among the school-going children but the problem is exacerbated with abetment by those who wish to earn money out of selling drugs.

The problem among children and youth arises because of a perception that they seem to harbour the notion of their inadequacy for failing to measure up to their expectations of their elders. Nowadays it has become fashionable for the actors and singers to include tales of drugs addiction and sexual references in their music. So instead of inculcating good values in the youth, the entertainment industry is responsible for propagating the use of drugs, which is further fuelling the addiction to drugs in both the developed and developing world.

The youth has become the target of major drug peddlers. These peddlers sell drugs and package them as symbols of revolution and freshness but have no regard for the consequences of their actions. The youth that takes to drugs are more likely to commit suicide because of the harmful effects of the drugs they are taking. Misinformation about drugs is another reason for these deaths as the addict or user may take the drugs in wrong doses, which can then lead to a fatality.

Drugs addiction among the youth is killing them morally and socially as well as psychologically and even physically. And, drug barons are becoming increasingly wealthier by supplying these drugs that are causing untold misery.

It is time that societies and governments took a firmer view about preventing and stopping drugs addiction. There should be a community plan that should be implemented to stop addiction to drugs. This plan must identify the specific drugs that youth are using. It should build on existing resources such as existing drug abuse prevention programmes and it should also develop short-term goals relevant to proper implementation of research- based drug abuse prevention programmes.

In addition, the community plan must project its long- term objectives to ensure that resources are made available and in addition, the community plan must also incorporate ongoing assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of their preventive measures and strategies.

In fact, all preventive measures need to address different forms of drug abuse and addiction and should also target different types of drug abuse and addictions. It should also be tailored to address risks that are specific to certain populations or audience characteristics. It must be aimed at specific populations and at major transition points such as at middle-school level.

Unless serious measures are taken now, the very future of a large chunk of today’s youth will be severely compromised. The problem of drug addiction is too real and serious to be ignored. The governments need to involve communities and media in highlighting the perils associated with the drug addiction. Media has a responsibility to highlight such issues with a view to educating people and building a consensus among them to forge a united stand against such scourges.

The perpetrators of doom and gloom are well entrenched in the power structures and have formed transnational partnerships for their nefarious purposes. The response to deal with such an organized menace should also be concerted for effective output. It calls for sustained engagement and coordinated action among countries. Individual efforts cannot produce desired results. For how long shall we turn a blind eye to such critical issues? It is now time to be responsible in our actions.


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