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I’m Shah Rukh, I am 23 years old .I’m a Student,a part time Blogger,You-tuber and a freelancer. I made blogs about education, health and beauty. I love helping driven and passionate women build blogs. Communities, and lives they can be proud of! 
A Little History! As a bit of Backstory, I’ve completed my bachelor in 2018 and from now on I am doing what I love the most of being my own boss work from home. In 2018 I started you tube a channel where I post educational, news and some art related videos. Then I start blogging because ‘it helps me to share my knowledge to the rest of the world”. 

My Blog! This Blog “AIOU Solved Assignments, Past Papers 100% Free” is an educational blog where I put solved assignments for Aiou students. As I am now a Master student of Allama Iqbal Open University “so I know it’s really hard to solve the assignment by yourself so this blog is just for helping purposes.  
Now. I am Working on many blogs and on the Affiliate marketing Websites.i am a learner and new in Blogging but I Know I am capable of doing it properly and take it to from hobby to my profession from as part time to full time job.  

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